Mostly plated in 18k gold, our range of jewelry are both minimalist and elegant at an affordable price.

By buying a Leo Mazzotti jewelry, you have the opportunity to choose the cause that you care most about and we will give 10% of the profits of your order to this association. When you’re having fun buying a Leo Mazzotti jewelry, you’re directly contributing to a cause that’s important to you.

By becoming a client, you become a brand ambassador and can receive a code of 10% personal discount to share with your friends or followers. If your friends / followers place an order with your 10% promo code, we’ll send you an email and you’ll get a free bracelet for each order.

We founded Leo Mazzotti with a mission to create jewelry that embodies fashion and minimalism. We believe in the importance of small details, those that shape your personality, intensify your style and make you unique.