Leo Mazzotti offers a referral program to thank customers for their loyalty.

After ordering one of our bracelet, you will receive a unique code for 10% off for the benefit of your friends on social media or in real life.
For each person who uses your unique discount code for 10% off, you can select the bracelet of your choice to receive for free :

1. Buy a Leo Mazzotti’s bracelet and receive a unique code for 10% off.
2. Someone uses the code of 10% off to buy a Leo Mazzotti product.
3. You receive the bracelet of your choice as a gift for free!
This means that if 5 people order a bracelet with your code, you will receive 5 Leo Mazzotti’s bracelets for free !
Be inspired by our range of products on the following pages and become a member of our community !

​PS : If someone use your code to buy a watch, you will have a free bracelet.